mmm, ask my beloved foods they should know me more than anyone else.



Meitantei CONAN: Movie 18: Ijigen no Sniper (Dimensional Sniper) is here. But guess what? Movie 19 is coming! There’s no title, or proper announce yet, though. Just a date - April 19, 2015 and this picture. Excited? ^_^

شكل فيه فلم بعد ! الظاهر الفلم بيصير تلخيص لأحداث كونان xD إذا خلص كونان قبل السنه الجايه ض1..

ما اعتقد لأنه لو خلص هالسنه فالكلام عن المانجا ، اما الانمي فكلمنا عنه بعيد xD

Mᴀᴋᴀ ♥

You still suck at this.

Haikyuu! [Episode 3]

the coloring T-shirt again *giggles*
oikawa is peace for the first time animated(i guess)

"Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls of all ages! Welcome to the Noah’s Ark Circus!” - Kuroshitsuji 24
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